This is KRISAM's flagship revenue vertical.

We have delivered over 300 Automation Solutions for Automotive Industry across reputed multinational customer base in India, USA & MEXICO. KRISAM’s strengths are in the areas of ASSEMBLY LINES, LASER CUTTING/WELDING, PRECISION ASSEMBLY of components in Cylinder Heads, Air/Fuel Filters. Further KRISAM’s Testing Systems have been very successful in this industry - Glow-Plug Testing Equipment, ISO grade Fuel-Filter Test Benches.


KRISAM has delivered Special Purpose Machines for Switchgear & Other Electrical Industries –

Automation of Laser Marking on MCBs, Screw-tightening of Terminals, Robotic Welding applications for Switchgear Panels, Laser Welding of Connectors, bulb-holder stitching lines. KRISAM’s ability to precision handle components, perform necessary operation (welding, tightening, riveting, marking, pad-printing), increase throughput and reduce human-error have been well received.


This is one of Krisam’s emerging business vertical and we have delivered some precision machines for endurance testing of ARTIFICIAL KNEE JOINT.

Machine measures critical force and torque parameters for the Joint. Krisam has automated a process to synthesize (involves heating) Nuclear Medicine where the inputs are Chemicals in Liquid form and a medicine compound is delivered in a bottle for Cancer treatment.


KRISAM’s experience spans a wide range of applications

Laser Cutting applications for Textile Machinery, Flange Assembly & Welding for Water Pumps, Correction-Pen-Tip Assembly involves high precision assembly of 0.5mm needle and spring into a housing that forms the writing pen-tip, Glass-buffering machine for stacking of sheets of Glass, Pneumatic Equipment Assembly Lines.

Why Choose Us ?

World Class Machine Designs

KRISAM’s is continuously challenging traditional designs and replacing with newer technologies and simplified designs for lower costs and ease of maintenance.

Laser Technologies

One of the leaders in LASER APPLICATIONS in India and we have delivered state-of-the-art Laser Welding equipment both in India and abroad.

Long Experience in Mfg

KRISAM’s quest for Engineering Excellence has given them vast knowledge in all manufacturing processes including Additive Manufacturing with Lasers.

Engineering Talent Retention

KRISAM’s attrition rate is <1% and average tenure with KRISAM is 8 years. This is the key to our growth in Engineering Excellence.

International Quality

KRISAM’s machine build has met or exceeded international standards and quality parameters, hence we are able to supply to USA & European Market with CE Marking.

Post Installation Support

KRISAM Adopts IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts and has been doing so since 2009. This helps us to support remotely and enhances our support capabilities.